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musicfangirl Hi, I love the whole album, it's too difficult to choose one song as the best. :-D Pretty melodic and "too good" to listen to when I'm "in my screamo mood". :-) Thank you very much for uploading so that I could find this good music to buy. <3 Favorite track: Gravitational.
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released May 16, 2015



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TERRORBYTE Syracuse, New York




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Track Name: Turn Up
Bang bang
fuckin' say it out loud
bet you can't talk shit
with a gun in your mouth

bang bang
and that's what you get
put a knife in my back
I'll put a bullet in your head

fuck the world
legs open wide
with my
middle finger deep inside

all I'm gonna give to you
is an

and none of you can touch us
so get out of our way
and none of you can touch this
and this city
belongs to me

I am everything you try to be
I'm gonna get even if the odds are against me
fuck you
let the F-bombs drop
until the world is on fire
and I'm standin' at the top

bang bang
when I see your face
I'll pull the fuckin' trigger
and the world is a better place

bang bang
another problem fixed
and you can fuck yourself
cause I don't give a shit

I'm a bastard son
I'm a son of a bitch
American made with a hard dick
sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
I'm getting high off the smoke
of your burning soul

and none of you can touch this
so get out of our way
and none of you can touch this

and this city
belongs to me
Track Name: Gravitational
If I'm dead by time you hear this
just know I still exist
somewhere beside you in time
I'm alive behind your eyes
I'm still in your mind

and every time you dream
you're gonna see my face
this is a haunting

this is my EVP
turn the speakers up
so the dead can speak

do you believe in ghosts?

I'm gonna make you believe
I move to followed footsteps
so the world is haunted
wherever I walk

what the fuck do you see?
is it hard to look
at what you forced me to be?

do you remember my face?
i still have the scars that you gave me

as I'm floating up above
a world
i was never a part of
no heavy hearts
no gravity
there are no goodbyes
'cause nobody can breathe

send my soul away
i see the light
but i can't touch the sun
it's not enough
to take away
the darkness I've become

I am The Poltergeist;
I make things move

this is a haunting
and now you're gonna fuckin' die
so bang your head
until your fuckin' neck snaps
Track Name: FU/FM
Remember when you said / that I wasn't good enough / I'm at the top of the world / middle fingers up / you tried to walk on me / but now I'm above you / you screwed me once / how many times have I fucked you?

With every knife in my back / yeah you armed me / my inner demons / are my personal army / and I'm not sorry for the monster that I have become / no one apologized to me / for anything that they've done

We can dance with shadows
cast by all that's burning
you are under our control
I am the devil
of the industry

I heard the signal in the beating of my broken heart / We found the blueprints in our scars / we have designed a disaster / to tear your world apart

We don't give a fuck
We won't take no shit
to censor a star
you need an eclipse

I hope it burns your eyes
every time
you look at me

They gathered around me to watch me die / set me on fire / burn me alive / you're going to get what you deserve / I speak in tongues of fire / and I will watch you burn

let's set this shit off
and we'll watch it burn

Remember when you said / that I wasn't good enough / and now you hear me every time you turn the speakers up / do you remember every word that you said? / I put it on the radio / so that you'd never forget / I hope you hear it every time that they play this / I hope it hurts you every time that I say it / so turn this fucking shit up / until it makes your ears bleed / we are the virus / we will haunt you through the frequencies

You are under our control
Track Name: Held Hands & Black Holes
We'll change
and erase
in each wave
I'm gone

when it rains
wash away
leave no trace

I was never here
and none of this is real
coursing through my veins
is something I can't feel
my ocean, my opiate
drown the whole damn world
this is a fuckin' dream

this is a fuckin' dream

I inhale
the flood
it is not enough
touch the light above
as it fills my lungs
(set me free)

I wanted to watch the world end with you
we would be the only ones who'd make it through
the sun's still shining deep inside my dreams
but nothing here was ever really what it seemed
you stole all the light from behind my eyes
you destroyed every memory inside my mind
what have you done to me?

the stars will shine
on my dark side
and I don't wanna wake
from this dream
stay with me
until the pain is gone